september 2011

Pictures and Pomes Part.1

Brick by brick,Reach to the skies and beyond,A black shadow will consume you inside and out.Swallowing your last shout.?Hush? Don?t make a sound.? You can run from the ghoulish depths of sanity?...

Is it LOVE or Lust?

People often confused about their feeling... Is this love? Or lust? Or just an attraction? Dr. Fisher`s explanation on these feelings are very realistic.She divides love into three categorie...

My dream home...

Once again we are on the move. We found a new appartment in Oslo and we will be moving there next week. This time, I have a real home. If I could build my dream home, it would look like this; ...
Mandy Dexter

Mandy Dexter

7, Oslo

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