Be careful what you wish for...

Because you just might get it!

I am a type of girl who would always think about the risk outcomes before takining any action. I knew who I was and what I wanted in life since I was a teenager. I lived my life trying make the best choices I could for my future. But sometime I wonder of the what if and would secretly made a wish deep inside. But the thing about wishes, they might come ture!

I used to watch reality shows where the wives are married to some rich dude and spend their days shopping. I wished for that life. But after dating a guy with money (I saw more of his credit card than him) I regrettedthat I ever wanted that!

Growing up I wished to be popular and pretty, wich was far away from my reality. I was the strange one. But some how being different turend into being cool. Suddently boys wanted to date me, girls wanted to be my friends (even some girls wanted to date me). The thing about being a social butterfly, it takes time and energy. Which reduces my health (I have prolapse in my back & neck and also rheumatism)

I recall watching Twilight, secretly wishing I would have an Edward & a Jacob fighting over me. Guess what, my wish was granted! Having 2 guys fight over me more then once in my life, was more then I could handle. It was nothing romantic like you see on the silver screen but a lot of hatred and name-calling.

When ever I see some pretty girl on TV getting away with stuff for their looks, I wished it would happened to me one day. Now everytime I go to the supermarket near by, the guy behind the disk would give me free stuff. it was fun at first but now I dont have the conscience to shop there anymore.

After all that being said, I do feel like a lucky one to experiance all this in my life. My first preformance on stage (infront of 500 people), my first modelling job and my first diamond ring (from a proposal) these are the memories that will stay with me forever.

Not everyone get asked out on date by random stranger on the street. Or asked to get taken picture with you cuz they like your style (it happened few time in Norway but mostly in Singapore). Sometime I do feel that I have a bit un-usual life (I wish to write a book about it one day).

But moment like those give me such high in life. I can`t wait to see what my future will bring...

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