Home-Party, Release-Party & Pity-Party

As the autumn leaves turnes from yellow to red, my hair colour changed.

Dex`s stepmom was kind enough to arrange a home-party for me and we made our first sale! Then on my way back on the train, I lost the items :( I`m so clumsy, I could kick my self!

And we managed to get wrong infomation from the customs. I wanted to call the customs for details but Dex was so secure of him self and we placed the order with hope of no customs charge. Now we have to pay!I guess nothing comes easy. And we are bound to face some challenges, and I guess this is the challenge.

We mostly sell jewelry at home parties, and some interior (wall stickers).

Last night we went to Marika`s second singel realease party. I went to high school with Marika but havent seen her since, except on TV (Charter Feber). She seems a bit differnt there, then again TV does change people. And we all grow up (no matter how hard we tried not to).

On our way to the party :)

I remember the first time I heard her sing, it was in a party at a friends house. She has this sour voice that could cut your soul into pieces. But it was the lyrics that catched my attention. I can still remember "Give me all of your problems cuz I can`t handle my own. Give me all of your trouble cuz I feel cold tonight" (my apology if I got the lyrics wrong).

The Party was held in a salon called Beauty Inn. We were warmly welcomed by the host. There were fruits and drinks served as well. Marika also sang for us, it was something to hear her sing live. I got the goose bumps when she sang in Norwagian. Then we watch the permiere of her music video. In the video she had the natural look wich is very un-usual for her! I don`t think i have ever seen her without a lot of make-up (yes, even back in high school she had this style).

With the girls from the Beauty Inn salong. They were really sweet :)

And we all got beauty bags! I must admit that one of the things i love about going to fashion show and events are the goodie bags!

Later on we all hit the club Mango, it was free entrence for all the guest at the realease party ;)

We haven`t been here since it was called Cosmos. Dex had this Buddy Holly thing going on ;)

Stay tuned and we will update our next week adventures ;)

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