Pictures and Pomes Part.1

Brick by brick,
Reach to the skies and beyond,
A black shadow will consume you inside and out.
Swallowing your last shout.
?Hush? Don?t make a sound.?

You can run from the ghoulish depths of sanity?

But you can`t hide from the cold hard truth of reality.


The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.


Damned am I
In this prison of mine
The only thing I can defy
Is the passing of time.


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23.09.2011 kl.07:19

Du vet du er veldig fin vel? :3


23.09.2011 kl.09:44

Så fiiine bilder! :D

Mandy Dexter

24.09.2011 kl.00:56

kawaiidecodeco~: Takk men ´fin´ er d noe eg tenker alt i fra når eg ser meg selv i speil.


26.09.2011 kl.11:01

Welcome to my world.

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