Vintage clocks (dagens innkjøpt)

It has been a while now we blog. After all the tregedy has happened in Oslo, my heart is just not in it. The thought of what happened in Utøya island makes me really sick. So in order to take my mind of sad things I did what I do best, shopping!!!

We are moving soon to a new appartment in Oslo (we haven`t actually find the appartment). But that doesn`t stop me for shopping new things for the appartment. I`m so inlove with vintage style (it`s pretty "in" style now since everwhere i go they sell vintage stuff). I found these clocks and I just have to have them both!! The best of all, the are on sale!!! 

And Dex saw this alarm clock and he just gotto have it. So we ended up buying 3 clocks! At least now we always know what time it is and we won`t ever be late again...?


So what do you think of our new clocks?



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Daniel Niazi

27.07.2011 kl.16:08

Flott innkjøp!


27.07.2011 kl.17:43

Fine ting du har kjøpt.

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