I was born in 27 hours for 27 years ago...

I love my birthday, since I was little my mom always made a big deal about my birthday. She would design a special dress for each year and make a big celebration. As I grew older I kept the tradition going by throwing a big party each year. I make sure I get everything going my way on this day. I call it `Mandy day`! I would even make a wish-list for the gifts I want. It`s kinda like Xmas except my family doesnt celebrate Xmas, so birthday is my favourite day!

This year I`m celebrating my b-day 3 time!Tonight Dex took my mom and me to an Italian restauranthere in Egersund.

And then going to spend the night cuddling up in bed with my darling, watching my favourite classic movie High Society with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra ;)

Tomorrow (my actual birthday) we are celebrating with our friends here from Egersund. Later on when we get back to Oslo, we are throwing a big theme dinner party for friends and family in a caf we have rent.

And off course I have to give my self a birthday gift (I have done this every year since I turned 18 and started making my own money). This year I got my self a victorian corset!

I wanted this corset for a while now. Even the inside of the corset is pretty!


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18.07.2011 kl.20:50

I love my Birthdays too:)

Ching hung

18.07.2011 kl.22:08

I was born in 27 hours for 27 years ago... ka e d du meine? eg skjnner ikkje engelsken din....

Mandy Dexter

18.07.2011 kl.22:30

Ching hung: Det betyr eg var fdt om 27timer, 27r siden. Dvs eg var fdt akkurat om 27 timer fra den tidspunkt eg skrev denne innlegg.

Ching hung

18.07.2011 kl.23:44

Aaahh, n forstr eg!!! :) tusen takk for at du tok deg tid til svara p innlegget mitt! M du ha ein fin bursdag! Koser meg med bloggen deras! :) Kan du ikkje skrive tilbake p detta innlegget om feiringa di? Ching hung

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