The best kind of shopping...

The best kind of shopping is the one who have with your mother. When ever you pick up an item, she reaches for her credit card ;) 

I have been wanting this kind of scarf for a while. Mom found it in Cubus and bought it for me :)

I have never tried this kind of bra before, but I think it would be cool to wear it with high-waist jeans. Litte bit of Pin-up fashion ;)

I just love love love flower pattern and when I saw these stockings on sale, I have to buy them all. Well technically mom buys them. Time like these I`m glad I`m the only child :P 

I was amazed by how much stuff was on sale. I thought shopping in small town like Egersund wouldn`t be cheaper then big city like Oslo, but I was wrong. On saturday we are going shopping in Stavanger, anyone know a good place to shop there?

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14.07.2011 kl.12:33

7th heaven i den fargerike gaten !! u will LOVE it:D


14.07.2011 kl.22:31


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