A women`s worth (50`s quotes)

There were a time men measure women worth by her ability cook and build a happy home. But nowaday it`s all about her appearance and how good she preform in bed.

I feel like I`ve born few decade too late. How I wish I could go back to the1954 where I could put on my puddle skirt and waiting for my hasband to coming home for dinner. And when I make his favorite meal, he would looke at me like I`m the best women in the world. And if I made him a new shirt, he would be forever greatful. I do these things now but the feedback from men is just not the same :(

I love those 50`s quotes and poster. But they are so hard to fin in store :S

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08.07.2011 kl.18:21

http://www.bluebox.se/search.asp?page=1&countrs=12&size=12&method=search&alt=&sokfalt=Ephimera&visa= sedan sljer de typ samma prylar i de flesta inredningsbutiker jag har varit frbi i Oslo och ven i resebutiken p frsta vningen i Byporten.


08.07.2011 kl.21:20

er s glad i deg mone may stetste jenta jeg vet om. Du er en perfekt 50's dame...hadde jeg bare vrt mann. Har dere lyst p besk i egersund?


08.07.2011 kl.23:56



09.07.2011 kl.14:07

Silje: Ja! Veldig gjerne og takk for kompliment ;)

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