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We are really tired after convention weekend. Will blog about this tomorrow. Right now I´m just trying to keep my self from not falling apart. Last night we un-intentionally went out and I got really drunk (results of what happened when you drink without having dinner). So I wake up this morning feeling pretty bad. And I had only eaten one egg and some chips in 2 days!!! So now I`m making my self a wearm chicken soup while I get online (haven`t been online in almost 2 days!).  Speaking of not eating, i lost few pounds during convention weekend and feeling pretty sexy about my self ;)

And I finally found pictures from the shoot I had in Singapore. One thing about paid shoot, you only get few pictures of photographer selection (and they are not in raw file) so you can`t really edit much. I guess it is fair, after all they do pay you to model so they have the right to own the pictures. 



Photographer/Copyright: John from JP photography 

Style: Glamour shoot

The shoot went well, being all topless and all. 

Hva synes dere om bildene?

(Håper eg kan laste dem opp på facebook uten at facebook klage om bildene :S)


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Bloody Hybelkanin

27.06.2011 kl.00:31

Great that you got something to eat.. two whole days without food.... not good ...

But never the less you did look well as on the pictures of this photoshoot, and beautiful it is.


27.06.2011 kl.01:50

Veldig kule bilder:)

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