5 steps to become a good model

Having a photo-shoot is not just taking some pictures. To create a picture that said thousand words, every little things has to fall into places. The right expression, the right angle and the right lightning. To create something beautiful, you have to put into lots of energy. Bigger the photo-shoot, more stressful there is.

When you have a TF shoot, it takes more from you because people are not hired to be in one place at the same time. You have to make sure everyone (models, photographer, make-up artist) schedule fits! And that they all keep it professional like being there on time and deliver (that make-up artist really can work the magic. That model really loves to be in front of the camera).

As for me I always get good feedback from the photographers I have worked with. I think it's because I keep this little check list of my own. This is the 5 steps to become a good model;

  1. Be there on time. This goes for every proffesions. Time is valuable so don't wast someone else time.
  2. Do your research (about the photo-shoot). What type of shoot is this? Every pictures has a story behind. Learn the story.
  3. Practice the poses. A model always have to be in control of her body movement and facial expression. Photographer doesn't appreciate correcting the model.
  4. Careful what you eat. Stay away from dairy products and spicy food, you don't want to upset your stomach on the set or being blowed up. 
  5. Do the rehearsal. Make sure you are ready in make-up and costume when the shoot start. If you are doingyour won make-up/stying, do the test shoot the day before. Some things might look good in your head, but not on the pictures. 


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Veldig gode råd:)

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