Make your own card (DIY)

As you all know, we have been doing lots of DIY stuff. Sometime we have things that left over like little ribbons or pieces of paper. I hate to throw away the pretty things so I save them and into small cards. So next time your friends, and family has birthdays or other celebrations, you can use those cards. Why pay money to buy a card when you can make it yourself? And people appreciated more when it's handmade. More personal and more fun :)


Hva synes dere? Hvilket liker dere best?



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Vemund Eldegard

14.06.2011 kl.14:35

Tnaw, fint! :-)


14.06.2011 kl.15:17

Veldig kule.

Jeg likte alle sammen.:)


14.06.2011 kl.19:43

Stilige :)

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