How to host a dinner party

1. Get ready to cook! Now I have my cooking clothes on. Yes, I made the little apron and headdress by my self so I look cute while I`m cooking ;)

2. Know how to cook! What is the point inviting people for dinner when you would just order in? As for me I love cooking as much as i love eating (now you see where I got my fat ass!). 

3. Serve it with style! It`s not just cooking & eating but also preparing and serving. Have fun with it, decorate your food. And not the less the table!


I made garlic lam with grilled spiced potatoes and vegetarian paste baked with cream, chees and brokoli. 

Now we are ready to dine with some wine ;) 

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Benedikte =D

07.06.2011 kl.15:14

Det så godt ut :)

sv: Det må du bare, er kjempegodt! :-D


07.06.2011 kl.22:01

søt daa n_n<3


08.06.2011 kl.00:01

Kult:) Jeg skal lage middag til foreldrene mine og søsteren min imorgen:D

Mandy Dexter

09.06.2011 kl.12:29

Camilla: Hva skal du lage? Lykke til og legger ut bilder! ;)

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