Sleepless night = Online shopping! (Corsets)

I can`t sleep!! :(

What do i do when I can`t sleep? Online shopping! I`m not sure it helps make you sleeping but it sure is entertaining. Any thing is better than counting sheeps in bed, right?! 

So what I do is, I get up and get online. Go to and find lots and lots of pretty things :)

Tonight buy will be the corset. Although I`m not sure which one to choose :S I like both pink one and the gold one. Which one should I get??

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Matilde Solbakken

01.06.2011 kl.07:36

Jeg syns det i gull var veldig fint:)

kawaiicupcakes :3

01.06.2011 kl.18:14

rosa <3

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