Thanks god for the piratebay!

I went to bed 1am last night and didnt get up until 5pm today! It has been a busy days with parties and visitors from Saturday to Tuesday (Norwagain`s national day) so I was beat yesturday. Dex got drunk last night (again) so he also slept through a whole day. I guess this mean we will be up late tonight. 

Here in Norway, especially on the country side there is not much to do on Thursday evening. So days like these we just spend hours and hours in front of TV. We spend most of our relationship watching Tv-series. Honestly, I dont know how we would survived if it wasnt for the Tv-shows! 

Norwagian Tv-channels suck balls! They keep showing shows that are very alike. Either it is about the supernatural (Most huntedDen andre siden, fra sjel til sjel, Paranomal activites, jaken på 6.sans osv) or shows about home makeover (Colin & Justin pusser opp, landet flotteste hjem, Ryddig hjem og Extrem make-over osv) or annoying Reality shows like (Real Housewives, Paradise Hotel, Unge mødre, Jon & Kate plus 8, jaken på kjærlighet osv).

I dont see the point why the channels copying each other. I mean if one channel is showing a show about food and you dont like it, you switched to another channel and what do you get? Another show about food! You have the show about cooking food, making cakes or celebrity cooking dinner, which pretty much the same. I must admit I dont really watch Tv anymore because of that. We just download the Tv-shows that we like and watch then. Thanks god for the piratebay! 


Here are the list of Tv-shows that we follow: Ture Blood, Vampire Diaries, The big bang theory, Modern family, Community, The office, 30 Rocks, How i met your mother, House MD, Shamless, Secreat diaries of a call girl, Better off Ted, Desperate Housewives, Goissip Girls and Family guy. 

Sometime they go on season break or skip the show due to holidays and we`re fucked. We are always looking for a new fun series. Any show you wanna recommend us? 


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kawaiicupcakes :3

19.05.2011 kl.21:16

Jeg har seriøst ikke sett på TV på flere måneder, så der kan ikke jeg hjelpe dere! Kanskje se på noen animer? c:


21.05.2011 kl.17:55

Hai Mandy å DextRrrR

tråkigt att ni ikke har nåe att gøra på landet :/

Satt just och sløsurfade sjælv och fell upon the best musicvideo in a loooong time, had to share it with someone

Den tål att loopas en stund den du!

Mandy Dexter

21.05.2011 kl.21:09

Lilius: Tiden går fort, vi kjeder oss faktis ikke på landet! Eg har nok av hobbier og projekter som holde meg opptatt. Og ikke minst vi elsker tv-serier! Nå driver å bestille iphone 4 ;)


22.05.2011 kl.18:32

breaking bad skal vist være morsom :) ellers så kan du jo begynne på home and away. jeg er hekta!

Mandy Dexter

23.05.2011 kl.02:48

meg: Home and Away? da skulle vi være sittende foren tv i flere år (de har jo holt på i evig)

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