I got boobs!!!

This is one of the picture from my photo-shoot. I think I look like a drag queen in this pic but my darling Dex likes this so I`m keeping it. And another reason is: I got boobs!! I dont know how i managed to squeeze them into cleavage. But hey, whatever woks right?! :P

The first time I saw this pic, I got a chill. I dont think this looks like me, well maybe the scary version of me. So be true, tell me what you think of this?




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18.05.2011 kl.23:00

Jepp you do :)

kawaiicupcakes :3

18.05.2011 kl.23:08

Beautiful <3 :D

Mandy Dexter

18.05.2011 kl.23:09

Liitamarita: Det er det eg mener også. Tro Dex ble bare litt "distracted".


19.05.2011 kl.19:07

Synes ikke hun ser ut som noen dragqueen, men en dominatrix

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