Keep your drink, just give me the money!!

Yesterday I was out in bar when one sweet man came up to me and gently offer to buy me a drink and I kindly accepted it. So he went to the bar to order drinks. Then my friends warned me and said that he is trying to get into my pants.

There was a time when I thought guys buying girls drink was their way of asking girls "Are we fucking tonight?". If the girl accepts the drink that means it's agreenlight! Back in days, I never accept drinks from strangers. But I grew older and found out some people enjoy being spendable. I have few guy friends who often get accused of hitting on girls because they offer to buy them a drink. They are happily married, but they enjoy others company, want to be a gentleman by paying for the drinks.

Of course there are some idiots out there thinking buying a girl drinks mean they are getting something! Because of guys like that, I loose faith in men.

When a guy offers you a drink, what is he after? Does he look like he is trying to get into your pants? Or is he looking for a good conversation? I guess you can judge them by their character. When a guy offers me a drink while he is checking me out from head to toe, I politely decline. Obviously we all know what he is after. But when a guy started the conversation and he seemed like he is enjoying my company, then he offers me a drink, I kindly accept.

And there are also girls out there who flirt with guys just to get free drinks. I really despise them! Because of them men stopped treating us like ladies and start treating us like sex-objects.There was a time men get up when we leave the table. They opened our doors and kissed us good night on the cheek. But now they just whistle when we walk by them and grab our ass on the dance floor.

All I'm saying is;
Girls: Yes, we can pay for our own drinks, but it's nice that they offer!
Guys: If you want to shear our bed, try to get to know us first!

Now we grind on the dance floor to the song like Enrique Iglesias"Tonight I`m fucking you".

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