What do woman really want???

There is more confusion nowadays of whats a real man, or a real woman. I get that a real man is one who can open up and talk about feelings, and even shead a little tear now and then. At least that is what the woman that surrounds me are saying. They basically want us to be like them, more vounderable. Us men wants woman to be more independent and a little rougher around the edges, and maybe not talk so much. We basically want woman to be more like men. That makes me wonder,,, why dont we all just turn lesbian and gay, that way we would get what we want?!

But that is not what we want, is it? No, the men wants woman to be as manly as possible without crossing the line, the lesboline. The woman wants a man to be as womanly as possible without crossing the homoline. But where is the line? I dont even think that anyone of us really know...Ive met woman who calls themselves feminists, and still wants a man to pick up the check at a date. I know men that wears make-up, but wouldt be cought dead sitting down and pee.

There should`t be any line at all I say. For some people a real man is one that takes care of his wife and kids, for others its one that can do some heavy lifting. For me a real man is one that who dare to be himself, without any consern of what others would think.

There was a time when woman didnt wear pants, but we have grown since then. There will always be some differencebetween a man and a woman, but we are not growing apart, but closer together.


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Mandy Dexter

13.05.2011 kl.18:01

Want is something everyone has. But `getting it` is the part that we don`t have. As a woman who always knows what she wants, I say it is better to say I want it` than `it`s not you, it`s me` :P

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