How I met your mother

This has been my week:

  • Have been a bad girl and got locked out of the house for a day :(
  • Had a dream that I was dating Barney Stinson. Awesome!
  • Moved into an old house in the country. Managed to changed the dirty old room into cosy vintage style room;)
  • Went to the doctor, paid him 350kr (50$) and he said "this is not my department so unfortunately we can`t help you". God dammit, can`t he just said that on the phone and save me the money!
  • Made my frist own character sheet for the roleplay. One step closer to be a geek :P
  • No shopping on ebay due to sucky internet on country side.
  • Found out our blog is on 25th place on our commune (Aurskog-Hland).
  • Gain 4kilo since we have not much to do then bake & eat on the country.

Keep on Rockin`



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Sv; Ja :D tenkte jeg skulle gjre det :D :D


06.05.2011 kl.21:03

But how did you meet my mother, or wich mother are you talking about?


06.05.2011 kl.23:10

Dex: You know! ;)

07.05.2011 kl.12:45 was the date wif Barney??

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