Everything`s Cup-Cake!

Every thing is Cup-cake these days. CupCake used to be something to eat, something cute you have for a party.But now you can find cup-cake shape lip-gloss, accessories and other collectible stuff. Also cupcake bags, shoes and clothing.

Jessica Simpson designed a deliciously kissable line of perfume, lip gloss and other beauty products under the Dessert Beauty brand. I have some of her products and they smell so sweet and also eatable!

You can also get hand craft and soapslooks like cup-cake. For my Birthday, a friend of mine got me a bubble bath soap that looks and smells exactly like a cup-cake. I mean if they are going to make things look so yummy, atleast make it eatable!

But it made you wonder though, how did this cup-cake sensations started? I remember last summer Katy Perry`s California gurl song came out and everyone went crazy for colorful sweet things. TheCup-cake girls are also now one of the hit show on TV, helping the pastry shop over the world grow.

But let`s just not stop having cup-cake stuff, why don`t we have ourself look delicious too by having cup-cake nails or tattoo!

Sugar & Kisses,


Birthday Cupcake

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01.05.2011 kl.01:12

Jeg elsker Cup cakes:D


01.05.2011 kl.11:55

Cupcakes er s ste ^^


01.05.2011 kl.23:12

Sv: Sk p blogg design p google ;)

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