Homeless (but not a bum:)

Weve been moving around a lot lately, and thats okay. But I kind of get this feeling that I belong nowhere, and its no good feeling. My parents still live in the same area as I grew up, so I visit them from time to time, but they are divorced and dont live in the same house as I grew up in. So its not the same as it used to. And all of my old friends from my old neighbourhood either moved away or just dont keep in touch anymore. Oslo is also not the same for me anymore, people are moving away and its not easy to make new friends, especially in Oslo. Mandys parents moved to Egersund, and we actually made some new friends there very quickly. But offcourse the couple we got along best with are moving away.

One of the places that feels more like home for me now is actually Singapore, I have more people I know and can hang out with there then in any other city. But some of them Im afraid to call my friend, because they just use u as u use them.

A few months back we were visiting Mandys grandfather, aunts and uncle. And Grandpa had his brothers and sisters visiting from all over the world. We were 10 people under the same roof, and I really enjoyed it. But sadly that was the last big family-gathering, because most of them are getting old and its to far to travel. And when Grandpa Thompson is dead we probably wont go to Burma as often anymore.

Right now we live a little bit everywhere in a suitcase, and I think I kinda miss a little privacy from time to time. After a 7 months trip in Asia/Australia we havent figured out where to settle down yet. But as long as I am with Mandy nowhere and everywhere is my home...

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24.04.2011 kl.13:56

Det har alltid vrt meg som misunner andre for ha familien. En av grunnen hvorfor eg hater jul, alle er med sin familien og eg er alltid alene (har ingen ssken og bor lang vek fra foreldrene mine). Nr eg traff Dex, flte eg at endelig fr eg store bro (eller kanskje lille bro siden han alltid er med p ting eg nsker og elsker plage meg).

Ifjord s var eg sykemeld og sittet hjemme i flere mnd. Eg var deprimert og bekymret over fremtiden. Pga min helse, drmmer mine (min 5rs plan) gikk bort i luften. Det er en av de grunnen vi tok lang ferie i utlandet. Men n er eg klar for nye eventyrer.

Ja det er skummelt med frem tiden men vi kommer ingen vei ved sitte og bekymre oss. Vi er jo s heldig som bor i Norge (mindre sjans for ende opp som uteligger her). S det ordner seg ;)

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