Visit Amsterdam: A Romantic City

The last stop on our 6 1/2 month trip abroad just had to be Amsterdam. Its a really nice city to be in, and not just for the obvious reosons. Its one of the most romantic city Ive been to, and that includes Paris (which is the most romantic city in europe according to american movies).

The city is really petite and easy to get around in. The small roads and the rivers gives you a feeling that we are not in the 21 century. If you want to get from one end of the city to the other, you can either take the tram (trikk), or rent a bicycle like we did. Amsterdam must be the most bicicle-friendly city in the world. They have their own roads just for bikes everywhere. But it can be nerv-wrecking if youre not used to ride a bike in traffic, with cars, bikes and people everywhere. But as secure we are, we rented a tandem (kremt, kremt).

It was really romantic, and a lot of fun. I rode in the front, and Mandy in the back( the opposite of how we usually do it. Just kidding!). I had fun stearing the bike, and Mandy had kinda fun not being able to see where we went.

When you visit AM, you should take time to see the red-light district, where the ladies wait for a custumor in a window by the road. But its not our first time here, so we skipped it this time. Instead we visited Madame Tussaud and got to meet all the famous people we will never meet in real life (quite sad actually).

(A million dollar ass)

(Happy Birthday Mr.President)

Another thing we did was to visit the Amsterdam Dungeon, where scary people in scary costumes told scary stories in a scary enviroment. It was SCARY!! Unfortunately we are not allow to take pictures inside the dungeon. But we manage to take a few snaps before we went inside ;)

(While I was posing for the camera, scary sound came on behide and scared the shit out of me!)

Everything was nice on this trip to Amsterdam, exept our hotell-room, it was really tiny, with two small bed, and an icecold bathroom right outside our room. But we didnt spend so much time in there, and also it was really cheap so it was okay :S

Hotel Max for Maxter ;)

This was definitely not our last trip to this city, its a great city and still a lot more to experience!!

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19.04.2011 kl.20:05

sv: for en herlig blogg dere har ! ^^

Jeg fikk sett Heroes Sesong 4 p ;);)


19.04.2011 kl.22:02

S koseli at dkker la m te p vnnelista :)

Godkjent seff tvrt :)

Vi blogges.

Mvh, Lisa-Marie.

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