Visit Japan: Theme Resturant

Cocktails Meny. Don`t they look tasty?! The ones with the red ring around them is the ones the we tried. Dex had the one made of blue liquor and kiwi. Mine was with mint liquor and chocolate, which is one of my favoritte now.

The Decoration: Arabian Style

If you rub the right way, sexy genie will pop up :P Well actually the lamp is there for a reason. You see we went to this Arabian Theme resturant but all we saw was a big glitter giant door with no nob! We tried to push it but it wont open. We tried to knock on it but it wont open. Then we notice the genie lamp nearby. We touch the lamp just for curiosity and guess what happened! Yes, the door opened!!

We entered the door and pretty girl in genie costume welcome us, holding a lamp. She asked us to clap, so we did. Then the smoke appears! After that the waitress showed us to the private table for two. Pretty sweet welcome, wasn`t it?!

The food look both tasty and interesting. When they brought the gold eggs we wasnt sure it was a decoration or food. So we tried to break it to see if we could eat it and we could! ;)

Dine with me darling!

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02.04.2011 kl.15:16

S kul resturant :)

Liker Dex's nagellack. Vilket merke?


02.04.2011 kl.20:43

Det var neglelakk som var en hit p denne innlegget ja :P

Er usikkert p merke, vi kjpte den i utlandet.

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