I don`t want to die! (Tokyo Earthquake)

I was inside Harajuku shopping center today when I felt the ground was moving. The shoes from the shelf started to fall off. The building started to shake and everybody ran out from the stores. When I got out on the street the ground was still shaking and I thought to myself; Fuck, I dontwant to die in earthquake!

I tried to run down the street to find an open space. If the building started to fall down it would be saver to be in an open space area. But finding an open space in middle of Tokyois like finding needlein the sake. I came to a crossroadwith small open space area (under contraction). I looked around and everybody was standing still. All the cars were stopped still. It's like they were thinking "if we all keep very still, the earth will stop shaking".Some school kids around me were laughing and some filming the shaking buildings. I thought to myself "Am I the only one who is afraid to die here?". I must admit I got really scared, I even started to pray! A whole time I was thinking, I might never see my loved ones again.

After few minutes the shake was over, and everybody went back to whatever they were doing. It seemslike this was just another day in Tokyo. Even the shake is over you can still feel the movement on the ground and I felt dizzy. I told myself earthquake is over and I can continue shopping. Buy myself a nice dress to cheer up then the second quake happened.

A few hours later the third one happened. The fourth one just happened while I am writing this. Right now I am in my hotel room on 17th floor, where I`m afraidto spend the night. Let's hope the quake ends now and the hotel building doesn't fall down tonight.

Pray for me guys!

Love, Mandy

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:( you are in my thoughts <3

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