Help me guide on my path

Here I am again, confused & curious about what I want to do and who I want to be...

Maybe you all can help me put on the right path?

Here are the choices;

1. We open the Alternative clothing store in Norway. It seems to us kids these days want to stand out then fitting in! I love fashion and having a chance to work with that would be major fun. And we would have a chance to be more involve in Cosplay environment in Norway (after we have been to all these conventions here in Asia, we have tons of idea for improving Cosplay in Norway).

We would be launching Lolita fashion line (We already have connection for imports). K-pop wave is taking over Asia with the stormand it won't be long before hitting Norway. I'm dreaming BIG here, but I want to see we're going from Lolita Store to Maids Cafe. I might even throw in a "To be; Celebrity Cosplayer" on the list *lol*

2. Move to Singapore, the island thats never sleeps. We were very lucky to make connections with the right people while we were in SG. When it comes to business, it's all about whom you know! I got the chance to Model and Dance when I was in Singapore, which I love to do. And not the less, Party like a Star! (How I love the VIP treatment).

I have been known for good with organizing (from school theater showto party planning). And few of my friends are in Clubs&Events business so it gives me a chance to get involved. You all have seen my life in SG, I'mgood for the Party! ;)

3. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be Famous (who doesn't, right?!). But everyone knows making in Entertaiment Business is hard, but let's say Burma can bring me one step closer to fame. Fortunately for me, my mom's cousin is the most famous director in Burma. This idea has been in my head for few years, but never had the guts or confidence to try it out.

When I was in Burma I had the chance to meet with him and told him about my idea. He said if I wanted to try it out, he would introduce me to the right people! I have won the dance competition, I have played in the musical, I have model, but I have never been in a movie! And Iain't getting any younger so the time is now or never!

So there it is, my informal, my three pitch, my life proposel.

Will you help me guide...?


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20.02.2011 kl.20:16

Varfr inte prova p allt :)? Det tar skert tid, men det borde g ^^

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

21.02.2011 kl.09:11

Wow! Det hrtest ut som noen kule valg! Jeg tror nummer 2 og 3 kan bli de kuleste. Hvem vil ikke bli en filmstjerne ;) Kjipe er at det kommer til bli kjempe lenge til vi da kanskje ser dere igjen.


21.02.2011 kl.13:24

Til dem med uten navn: Vil gjerne prover alt but its all about right time in right place.

Kyrre: Valg 2 & 3 er spennende but in long run I think nr 1 will be the best choice. I dunno... kanskje eg skal bare trekke lodd :P


26.02.2011 kl.15:31

Jeg synes dere skal prve valg nummer 1, synes det er alt for lite av lolita og j-fashion i norge. Man m bestille utenlands for skaffe seg mye snt. Det kan bli tungvint til tider :3

Tror ogs at det finnes flere interesserte der ute i akkurat den iden.

Lykke til med valget :)


13.03.2011 kl.22:53

Absolutt butikk her i Norge, og dere er kjente innenfor miljene. Og vi fr sett mere til dere :D

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