Happy Birthday Barbie!!!

(Due to internet problem this post hasnt been send out for a week. Our apology)

Sorry we have been MIA for few weeks now. I know few of the family members and friends are starting to worry about us. The reason for being away so long without words is because we have been in Thailand and Burma where internet connection really sucks. You have to wait like 10 mins for the page to process. So you understand why the lack of motivation here. I wonder how they have the patience to use internet in early 90s?

Right now we are in Melbourne, Australia. Visiting my family and soon will be off to Adelaide to visit Dex's friend and not the less celebrate his 30th birthday! Speaking of the birthday, yesterday was Barbie's 50th Birthday! Here are the some picture I snapped at the store. Barbie from different decade. Look how the fashion changed over the years. My fav is the 60's (I just love that style!)

Hopefully we will blog again soon

Until then...


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