Hey ya´ll


Hey guys, whats up?


Not much? Not much here either. Just sittin´ in my hotelroom and chillin´.

Yeah,  thats right. Don´t stay in a condo anymore. Moved out on January 1st. Now we stay in a hotel in Geylang, Singapores ¨Red Light District¨. But it got more to offer then just the ¨red light¨-part. It has awesome food, and its cheap also. But thats just about it. Well it has some karaoke-bars and cheap beer to. But we´re not gonna drink for a while, so we wont use the opportunity. But reeeeeally goooood food. The internet is slow though, and sometimes it doesn´t work at all, that sucks. And all

the movies on tv we have seen before. We have seen some singaporean tv-series though, quite funny actually, in an asian kinda way.

Today Mandy was trying to teach me some burmese, its about time. We have been together for a while now and there is not much I could speak, just a few words. Now I speak fluent burmese (not at all, but I know a few more sentences).

Well, gotta go. Its MOVIE-TIME!!



C ya! (not at all, more like: Write ya!)

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