Photo-shoot: The Vampire Diaries

 Photographer: Nouffer Alkaff
Style: Theme (The vampire diaries)

I must say this one must be the hardest shoot I have ever had. First of all, the photographer wanna shoot at sunrise (6am!). The make-up artist took like 3,5 hours to mine & Dex`s make-up. So basically we didn't sleep a whole night at all for this shoot. 

Then when we arrived to the park, the sun was already up! After 5 min shooting, I started to itch. When I looked down on my legs, there were aunts & mosquitoes bites! By the end of the shoot, I got 17 bites in total.
It really was the shoot in hell!


3 different edits I made. I kinda wanna use the pic for my model portfolio. Which one should I use???

For more pictures;

Bite you soon!

Xoxo, MM


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Fin blogg! Ha en fin Lørdag:)

Tommy Valand

08.01.2011 kl.11:45

Likte best d fysta bilde..

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