The Fancy Event of 2010

I havent blog (should I say bitch) about stuff in few days now. That means I`m busy partying. Wednesday night has been the highlight of the Parties. I went to the Black light Party with my dearest dancer friend. Events usually happens in fancy hotels with free drinks but this one was way more fancier! People there looks like rock stars (maybe they are, I dont really follow Singapore's band).There were photographers as usual, and also fashion police (Tv interviewing people about what they are wearing).

Unfortunately I went to the salon before the party to get my lashes fixed (I have put extensions on my eyesso I look all cute & sexy even when Im sleeping :P I guess I wanted Dex to stares at me while Im sleeping and realizing how much he loves me, like they do in the movies...Need to get back to the topic now!). But that day the girl who did my lashes was new and took 1.30 hour, and she accidently put glue in my eyes!!!

So when I arrived to the party with disco light and flashing photographers, tears started to run down my eyes. The worst part was photographers wanted to take my pictures so there I posing with red eyes while tears run down my chin! Probably now my pictures are somewhere on internet looking awful :(

Then the Tv poeple wanted to interview me for what I was wearing. My friend told me to wear black and I have limit wardrobe (Im living out of a suitcase and I`m still rocking with different out-fits for Events!) so I just putted on something I had together. The out fit was inspired by Nana (manga & Japanese movie).

 Since I have been here I have been interviewed by Tv for 3rd times and been invited to Event every week.


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