Toy Games & Comic Convention (STGCC)

I wrote this in the end of December, I couldn`t put this out because of sucky internet. 


This is our first time on a convention without the cosplay! 

This was the last convention we have been to this year(2010), and I must say that I think that it was the funniest one so far. As usual it was held in Suntec city mall, and as usual there were a lot of cosplayers and photographers all over the third floor.  On fourth floor was where the fun was happening though. Almost everywhere you went there was computers with a game that was on and you could try playing it. I myself tried a couple of shooting games where you had a gun in your hand and was shooting on a screen. Didn`t like it `cause the aming sucked. My favorite game was, and I think it was Mandys also, was this dancing game you can get for X-Box 360 Kinect. We try to compete with each other with a lot of people watching us, and its a bit embarrassing to dance in front of people when its your firs time and you really dont know the moves. The thing is that you are suppose to dance synchronized with the dancer thats on the screen, And this little machine is filming you and can measure your moves, and give you points after how well you do it. We tried it two times, and you know what? I won both times!! The machine is telling us that I`m a better dancer, and you can`t fight the machines. Not in this century....

Everywhere you went you could see toys, games and comics. They even hand out free comics!!! Some people where drawing, some where making toys. And a lot of people where playing games. In the middle of the room there was a game competition going on. They link their computer and played this shooting-strategy-game. The host was commenting everything that happened in the game and you could watch on a big screen what was happening.

Check out those drawing! They are awesome!

The group cosplay-competition (we missed single cosplay compitation) I must say was a little disappointing, They where not as good as I`ve seen others have been, and the cash-prize was actually 1000 SG (4700kr). If I knew that it would be like that, I think we would have competed ourselves. Those who won didn`t really have the best made costumes, but I guess they won `cause they were original. They looked a little bit funny though. Looked like "Pac-man-people" dancing around with a dragon. Think its from a computer-game or something.

Above is the winner of the cosplay compitation.

Tron girls were my fav! The one in black looks really alike the actress from the movie!

Another thing we did that also can be considered a little embarrassing, but still a lot of fun. Is the dubbing-thing we did. You`re sitting in this booth talking in to a big microphone while you can see a scene from different mangas ( after your choice) And then you dub one of the characters voice. It can be a little difficult, you`re allowed to practice a little before you go in to the booth, but still its hard when you never have done that before. And when a lot of people standing outside and can hear everything you say, puts on a little pressure. I think both Mandy and I did it okay, but we could off course do a lot better. But I think its more about trying it, then master it. Don`t you?

This dubbing event was held by ANIMAX, an anime tv-channel. 


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29.06.2011 kl.15:34

Så kult:)


30.06.2011 kl.09:21

Teckningar var skitcoola :O Hade gärna haft allihopa :)

De som vann gruppcosplayen är PataPons ;) Underbart, lite små krångligt spel :)


12.04.2012 kl.21:48

Ikke i stil med

Men kanskje vårt neste prosjekt skal ha noe innslag av cosplay.

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