Anime Festival Asia

The largest showcase, entertainment and industry event of its kind in the South East Asian Region is AFAX (Anime Festival Asia, don´t know what the ¨X¨ stands for, maybe Xstreme :). And its held in Singapore for the third year in a row. This was like the previous convention I wrote about, a two-day festival. But we had only time to be there the first day. When we got there there was even more cosplayers and photoghraphers then the last time we went to an event. (And they hold the big cosplay-events at the same place every time, in Suntec-convention hall). But this time we were cosplaying as well. We were dressed as Misa and L from Deathnote. So we got about the same attention by photographers as the other cosplayers. It was kind of fun being taken a lot of pictures of, but it was a downside to it also. If you wanted to be taken pictures of with a cosplayer you liked, you could be sure of that there would come others who also wanted to take that picture. And you could stand there posing for a long time till everybody who wanted that picture was finished. Its the closest thing I´ve ever felt to being famous. But it takes the time away from you and you might not get all the pictures of cosplayers that you want.

The Girl in the picture underneath is a social butterfly of Cosplay. She pretty much know most of the cosplayers and she introduced us to them. And she has this business cards (they call it name card) made with their cosplay pictuers and contact info. We like the idea so much that we´re going to make those for us too ;)

(The name cards from different Cosplayers)

(As you can see there are tons of photographer taking pictures and Cosplayers are posing for them)

After given and taken a lot of pictures it was time to watch the big cosplay-championship. There was 5 groups of competes, the best one from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.  I must say that it was joyful to watch. The costumes was extremely well-maid, and the acts they had prepared was just as good. There were two people in each group, and some of them had also a costume-change in the middle of the act, to make it seems like there were more characters in the performance. This year was four outstanding cosplayers invited to be judges: Alodia Gosiengfiao from Philipines, Kaname-sama from Japan, Aira from Japan, and Clive Lee from Singapore. Kandame-sama was the one that seemed most exited and had a lot to say to each cosplayer, unfortunately he couldn´t speak any english and the translator didn´t do the best job with the translating. Kaname and Aira were not only here as a judge but also as celebrity guests. Until this event we didnt know there was such thing as Celebrity Cosplayer! (We just found another way to be famous :P)

Clive Lee

Alodia Gosiengfiao



Later there was a consert with several artists in the hall next to the one we were in. I don´t know what to say about that because unfortunately we couldn´t go. But if you wanna know more about AFA X you can visit this website:

Write you later



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