J-Rock Vs K-pop

Since I have been here in Asia, is pretty much K-pop everywhere. How the youngsters dressed in club or the music they have on their iphone. Or what`s on MTV and posters on the side walk. At the beginning I thought, "yeah they are cute". But now I`m pretty much had enough of it (Maybe because Dexter likes it, we pretty much like the oppisite of what the other part like!)

Why is K-pop so cool?!

Trust me, I`m not a homophobic (I`m dating a guy who wears more make-up then me!) but those guys really looks gay! I`m a big fan of J-Rocker, the way the dress, act and sing. I know this is no surprised to you all since they look like Animation characters and I`m a big Final Fantasy whore (Yes I would totally do Cloud, Sephiroth, Genesis and Noctis from FF 13).

(One of the most popular J-Rock band in Japan. Aren`t they dreamy?)

But even though guys in FF or in J-Rock band wears corsets, flowers ribbons and skirts, they don`t look gay at all! (well they have pants underneath the skirt. Remember in late 90s the pants/skirts were a big thing? And a lot of boys wore them)

K-pop guys wears stuff like any others pop guys (Justing Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Usher ect). But they just look so damn gay!

(9 guys in 1 band is a bit lame. Beside they all over did the `sexy` pose and just become `gay`!)

I can`t wait to get to Japan (yes it`s on our travel plan) and go down to Harajuku and check out those J-Rock hotties!!!

Blog you later!


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20.12.2010 kl.13:53

I think the reason k-pop often looks so gay is because the look kinda boybandish .__.

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

21.12.2010 kl.12:11

Lucky the K-pop girl bands looks smoking hot ;)

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