Cosplay Singapore: Teenage Big Dayout!

In the last couple of months we have been to four different cosplay-events, and I´m gonna say a few words about each event hoping to give you a little feeling about how things are done here in SG.

The first one we went to I already have written about ( Tornado-cosplay). The second one is called ¨Teenage big day out, and we found out about this one in a teenage magazine which is also named ¨Teenage¨ (Did I buy that magazine? I will never admit that, probably found it in a bathroom or something). Anyway; this was a two-day-convention in the weekend. And the first day we came just to check it out, since we were very busy that day and the cosplay-competition we wanted to see was the next day. But one fun thing happened to us when we were walking around and looking at all the booths they had. Some guy came up to Mandy and wanted an interview. He had a cameraman with him and everything. As shy as you all know Mandy is (krrrmmt), she wanted me to join. Those guys were from the tv-channel Animax, a channel that shows a lot of anime, cosplaying and such. We were a little bit nervous, and when I say we, I mean me. And I mostly talked rubbish.

Day two we came to see the cosplay-competition. And the first thing we noticed was that there were a lot of cosplayers, and a lot of photographers. The cosplayer were spread out on the entire third floor in the convention hall posing for hundreds of photographers ( maybe not that many, but it seemed like it ). In the fourth floor where the real convention was, the competition were about to start ( we are usually late or just in time).

These contesters are the finalist. Here in SG, you register the contest online and then send in your Cosplay pictures. If you get picked,  you show up on the stage. I must say it was really funny to watch. Instead of talking in to a microphone like they do in Norway, they had recorded in advance everything they were saying or singing, with music and everything (playback). Some of them made a sketch of their own, one group made a  little talk-show parody of many well-known manga/anime characters. As long as you are `in character` you can talk about other stuff then things that happened in the show. One of the group cosplayd  Vocaloid girls and they made a sketch about K-pop. Another group performed a song in japanese, even though they were Singaporean. And some were fighting with swords and such. We really enjoyed watching it.

(The girl in the middle is the Cosplay judge in Singapore and owner of Haru Caè where they have butlers and maids from differnt countries)

(The guy and the girl from Mandy`s right and left are one of the big Cosplay couple from Singapore. They have won several Cosplay contest and they are very dedicated to Cosplay. They even travel to other Countres to  Cosplay! We got alot of Cosplay information from them)

After the cosplay-thingy was finished, it was the K-pop dancers turn. There were 15 groups with dancers that competed, And I must say that there were a lot of talent on the stage, and many of them were very inventive. But I also saw a lot of the same routines between different groups. So I guess some of them just copied the moves from the K-pop artists which preformed the song they were dancing to. The groups  went from one single performer too 8 or 9 persons in one group (similar to real K-pop artists). We didn´t stay to see who was the winner ´cause it was getting late and we were pretty tired from standing a watching all of the groups perform (K-pop and cosplayers).

The next two events I´ll tell you about later, now I´m sinking so low in my couch I need to move before I´m stucked for good!!

Write you later


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18.12.2010 kl.19:47

Oh så spännande. Måste vara trevligt att få se ordentliga cosplayer och få information från dem ;) Hoppas du och Mandy får en riktigt trevlig jul och nyår :)


18.12.2010 kl.20:22

Ahh, Sounds like you guys had alot of fun! :D

Cosplaying in Asia seems way cooler than here in Norway ^^''


19.12.2010 kl.19:09

It was fun! Kinda felt like after we have attend so many Cosplay event here, watching so many good Cosplayers, we need to step up on our Cosplay. Cant wait for Desucon and need to find what we are going to Cosplay there...

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