Our trip to Malaysia

Our tourist-visa was about to expire about a week ago, so there was only one thing to do. Go to the nearest country and come back again just so we could get a new stamp in our passport.

We booked a cheap hotel-room in china town. And from the pictures it actually looked really nice. But it was just a tiny bit smaller then I expected. The bed was a queen size, and thats pretty much the whole room. Well, there was about one square meeter were you could put you luggage, and that was it. But we did have our own bathroom, with see-trough glass as a wall that separated the two rooms from eachother. So if you werent in bed you were at the bathroom. The tv was a 14 inch with 3 channels and bad reception. And only one channel with english subtitle. But with such a bad room we got the push we needed to stay outside as long as we could.

The street right outside the door, called Petaling, was a tourist shopping market. Reminded me a little bit about Thailand. There was a lot of pushy salesmen who tried to sell you stuff at overprice. If you were to by any stuff there you needed to be good at bargaining. I was available to get the few stuff we bought there to half the price, but after bargaining for a while you get tired of that so we rather went to a shopping-mall instead.

This one mall we went to was like the best mall ever. With only one reason, but its the best reason ever: They had almost only guy-clothes in there. And for us guys that likes shopping, its pretty irritating to walk by a hundreds of woman- clothing stores before you find any clothes for men. And the clothes there was awesome. Much better then the clothes you find in Singapore (Were they have mostly boring and simple clothes). The style was a lot of K-POP and J-ROCK and it was no problem finding a couple of kickass outfits for myself and Mandy ( and cheap also). And I liked the currency down there, you just doubled what you saw on the pricetag (RM), and then you had the Norwegian currency (Kroner).

It took a while to get used to the fact that you could smoke almost everywhere, even in some shoppingmalls. `Cause we were just in Singapore where you cant smoke almost anywhere. The train-system was also very different from Singapore. You could only buy a one-way ticket and the trains were a lot smaller, only two wagons. But one similarity the train-system in SGand Malay have together is that the trainstops are pretty close to one another. I guess the people in both countries are pretty lazy when it comes to walking. I HAVE seen many people taking the train only one stop.

All in all we had a really nice trip, but the nicest was actually to travel with the bus back and forward from SG and Malay. It was first class with nice big seats with massage and tv-screen, you just gotta love that.

(Me on the buss)

Love out, DD

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