The Red Carpet Event

It has been a few days sincewe blogged. As you all know we are busy partying. Some of you might thinks partying is just for fun, for me it`spart of net-working. As a model and future business owner, my social life is part of my work life. It`s all about who you know and wha they got!

ButI easily get hang overs when I drink and that means no computer for me on the day after (I get really dizzy). And for Dex, well let`s say he doesnt like to do much on the `the day after`. He is lazy with blogging so please encourage him to blog!

It`s 5am and I`m up because we are going to Malaysia in few hours. Basically we are going there for2days just to get a visa to stay longer in Singapore. In order to extend visa, you need to get out of the country andre-enter.

We have been invitedfor the Red Carpet Event from Vogue on Monday!!This will be our first Red Carpet Event and I`m so excited! Actually I will be the apart of this event, putting the guest list. I`mtrying tobe the Clubs & Event promoter. With my social skills and love for theparties,it wont be hard to make it here ;)

So we will need a killer out-fit for the event! I heard Malaysia is a good shopping place. Hopefully we would find something there. I have no idea what we will be wearing. Ofcourse we have to match too (like we always does but not always easy to find). The event is on Monday so a whole weekend we will be busy traveling to Malaysia and shopping! So stress, here we come!

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