I love food!

It has been a while I have blog about other stuff then parties and photo-shoots. So today I feel like blogging about food. Since I have been here in Singapore i have gain few pounds. Mostly because I`m constantly eating! Some of the food place are open 24/7 along with McDonald`s  (wonder when do they sleep since they are often a small shop ran by a old couple).

And food are so cheap!! For a meal (rice,meat and veggie) cost less then 5 Sing dollar (25kr). But of course that is if you eat in food court (not restaurant). Food Court is like a buffet/food market. You have different food such as noddles, curry, soup ect. They are often ready-made.

We have food court pretty much every street corner. If you do not like that type of food (Asian food) then you have 7/11 and McDonald`s also every corner. I think it`s because Asian has a eating culture. Every time you meet some Asian, they will ask you `have you eaten?`. I guess that`s `how are you` in Asian. Dining together is part of socializing, like we drink beer together in Norway.

Of course as a blogger for different culture, I have to try the new food when I got down here. So far I have tried ice-cream made out of corn (surprisingly the ends up being my favorite), and yam ice-cream (is its yammy too). I have tried frog (don`t freak out, it tasted like chicken). I have also tried chicken feet (they deep fried it you can even the small bones). And pig organs! Yeah it sound really gross but it`s not that bad. I mean you wouldn't know they were organs until you been told cuz they prepare it in such delicious ways!


  These are frog legs but dont they just look exactly like chickens?!


Delcious Icecream

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22.11.2010 kl.09:43

Det var bra å høre litt om kulturen der også. Hadde ønsket litt mer av det for det er sikkert et spennende land. Hilsen mamma som tenker på dere.

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