Tornado cosplay competition

A couple of weeks ago there was a cosplay competition at Iluma center in Bugis, Singapore. Mandy and I signed up for this competition online. We were cosplaying Marilyn Manson & Lady Gaga.

This is a picture one of the photographer took of us on the contest. Even we were only 13 cosplayers entering the contest, there were like 20 photographers. So it surely felt like a red-capet moment.


It seemed like if you signed up online you had a better chance to win. That was what the website made it look like. But information is obviously not the strong side of any Singaporean. But we went there with a good mood and hoped for some fun. When we got there it was just as problematic to get any information as it was online. Those who worked there said all a different time for when the competition started. But after talking to several of the employees we found out when. We where also told to write down name and information on a piece of paper. After spending a few minutes on that we were told that we didn´t have to ´cause we already had pre-registered ( which we tried to tell them). Everything was kind of frustrating.

On the wall we could see pictures of the pre-registered cosplayers, there were only 8 of us. Under each picture you could see orange stickers that people have put on their favorite cosplayer. Stickers could be bought at the counter, I don´t remember the price of the stickers, but I think the one with the most on their picture won a prize. Under Mandys picture there were 4 stickers and under mine it was only 3. Under a guy who cosplayed Super Mario there had to be at least 30-40 stickers. But of what I´m been told is that cosplaying in Singapore is kind of a popularity-contest. And I guess Super Mario guy was very popular. He actually won a prize even though he was carrying a light-saber which I am pretty sure the real Super Mario doesen´t do. So the rules wasen´t the same as in Norway for sure.

When the competition finally started, all we had to do was to walk in front of the audience and give them a pose. First up was the online registered. It was very quickly finished since there were only 8 of us. Then we were sent to a room with a couch, nobody said anything about for how long we had to sit there ( again very little information). The walk-in cosplayers were sent to a room next to us when they were finished, there were only 5 of them.

After about 50 minutes or so, we were called out. They had 5 prizes to give out to my group of 8 people. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize was given out, a prize to the one with the most stickers. And they loved Mandys costume so much that they made up a prize just for her: the most sexy!!. She won a voucher worth 50 $. The other group had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. So of all the 13 cosplayers there were only 5 people who didn´t get any prize, and i was one of them (a little disappointed ).

So this night was really not my night, and I got a huge headache from a super-thight wig. But at least Mandy got something out from it ( and I hope she spend a little of the prize-money on me ).

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Jason Frost aka jonas

21.11.2010 kl.19:22

awesome look cool


22.11.2010 kl.13:08

Really great outfits, but I can understand the irritation over crappy arrangments. Love to see you back home soon, you guys are so much fun!

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