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For my friends who doesnt have Facebook and still wants to look at my pictures. Here are they, pictures from my Scene Girl shoot! Btw guys, why no face booking?

Here is me getting ready for the shoot. Omg, I look like a doll Dex trying to dress up! Btw, he loves dressing up dolls. He used to play with Barbie when he was little! Yes, he is my own personal hair stylist ;) One of the reason why I date him :P

This was suppoes to be a single shoot but I got Dex to join in. Thanks god we are always matching clothes otherwise we wouldnt be able to do this. Kyrre, if you are reading this, I did it so I wont need to hear about not sharing the shoot with Dex :P

Aww dont we look so in love? How did that happened?! We were just about to kill each other before the shoot! Well that`s just us. Our friends here call us `the cat & the dog` since we were always fighting and making-up.

All about kandies & kisses.

Love, Mandy


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16.11.2010 kl.02:17

Kult hår :3

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

16.11.2010 kl.10:17

Flott å se Dexter på bilder også ;) Selv om han ikke hadde like kult hår som deg Mandy. Shit ass, det må ha tatt lang tid! Awesome. Gleder meg til å se "vampyr" bildene.


16.11.2010 kl.10:43

Kyrre: Grunnen til at Mandy har så fint hår er fordi jeg har klippet og stylet henne. Mens Mandy har klippet meg ( men stylet det selv). Så det er vel egentlig et kompliment til meg.


24.05.2011 kl.11:47

heftig hår! digger bloggen din!:)

Mandy Dexter

25.05.2011 kl.21:18

JENNI: Takk Jenni. Credit går til Dex som har fikset håret min ;)

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