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Hello everyone,

itsbeen a while since anyone of us has blogged anything. But everyday we are kind of exhausted of everything we do down here. I did not think when I quit my job and took a long holiday, that I actually sometimes would like to get back to work just to get a little rest

As I said in one of my earlier blogs was that we were going to some cosplay conventions, but I have to set aside a little bit more time to write about that, cause there is a lot to say.

Anyhow, I got a visit from my brother in law last week. He stayed here a few days on a business-trip. He told me with a text-message that he was coming to Singapore for a few days. And when I got that message I thought it was from my sister (maybe its because he writes like a girl). And also my mom told me that he and she would come here together. SHAME ON YOU MOM FOR DISTRIBUTING FALSE INFORMATION. That sucked a little bit cause non of my blood-related family has ever met anyone from Mandys family, so I was looking forward to having a big family dinner with cousins and siblings. But it turned out to be a funny surprise when I walked in to my brother in laws hotel-room and asked for my sister who wasent there (maybe not so funny). Of course it was nice to meet my bro in law, but I was expecting my little niece also, whom I havent seen in a while.

Putting that aside- we have had a few photo-shoots lately. Some fun and some not so fun ( fun sentence, I wonder howe that sounds backwards: nuf os ton emos dna nuf emos. (ignore that, just a little goofy after watching to many The Office episodes today ( Oops, I wasent suppose to tell you that, after saying how very busy we are,,,,,, whatever))). The last photo-shoot was not so much fun. We where up the whole night getting ready for shooting, and we still couldnt make it on time. Its like the story of our life- always late... We were suppose to have a vampire shoot. But everything kinda went wrong, first of all we were a little late for shooting at sunrise, then we found out that the place for shooting wasent exactly right. Then the fangs wouldnt stay in place, then the make-up got a little messed up and we had to spend a lot of time to fix that. When we finally got ready for shooting there turned up to be ants everywhere, which Mandy REALLY hates. And I dont blame her, because in the first five minutes or so when we where shooting, she got about 7 or 8 bites, 17 in total at the end of the day. And I got nothing, even though I found several of them crawling in my hair, face and the rest of my body, Maybe I got bad blood or something, cause insects rarely bites me. And after the sun had been up for a while it didnt make us any cooler about the situation, but it did make us look hotter ( see what I did there :) We just looked at the pictures today, and even though they werent as vampire-ish as we were hoping for, there were some good pictures and we will show them to you later.

I think that is all I can share with you today guys, we will try to keep you posted of whats happening a little more often then we have been doing lately and we will definitely post some pictures also

wRiTe YoU LaTeR

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15.11.2010 kl.23:05

Haha, Genialt innlegg Dexter!

Dere m virkelig legge ut bilder fra photoshooten, og conventionet! :3

Keep on blogging you guys ^.^

Your better half

16.11.2010 kl.01:29

I`m so gonna to heard about the name I just put there :P I`m feeling corky ok! Baby, this must be the funniest blog you have written so far. Or maybe we have spend so much time together now that you started to sound like me.. hmmm... cuz sometime I really dont get your sense of humor. But I really LOL on this one! And your english writing is good, remember you were kinda scared to write in english? Well since you are doing this very well, maybe I should let you do the blogging from now? Hug & Kisses (since we dont really do those much in real-life)

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

16.11.2010 kl.10:18

The Office er konge! Hper du s den britiske versjonen.


16.11.2010 kl.10:44

Vi har sett hele den britiske versjonen, og vi flger med p den amerikanske


16.11.2010 kl.21:13

Kjre gutten min. For ha det klart s sa jeg aldri at Juliane skulle vre med Jens Arne, s jeg lyver ikke. Du har vel bare misforsttt det hele. Det var vel hyggelig med besk hjemmefra. Har skjnt at dere har det bra, det er fint.Glad i dere, mamma.

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