Life of a social butterfly

Since I have been here in Singapore, i have become quite a party girl. Being a social butterfly has been a part of who I am since I was young. But never had the chance to climb up the social ladder. Luckily here in SG, I have become a part of high social group. I managed to get their interest with my outrages style and get their friendship with my outgoing personality.

I am totally falling in love with the privileges like being on the guest list (everyone hate queuing) and free drinks (who wouldn't like that?!). But the down side is you are partying 3-4 times a week and has no longer time for other stuff. Not the less all those free drinks gets you drunk and you have to face the ugly hangover the day after.

Tuesday: New Asia bar at Swissotel (Partying hard on the 70th floor)

Wednesday: Ladies Night at Atticas and Zirca. (Clubbing hopping all night long)

Thursday: Party with Ian at Le Noir (yes he is guy in the middle. He always putting us girls on the guest list so I guess that makes him a pimp :P)

It`s Tuesday so that`s mean party at swissotel. Tonight is the DJ`s birthday so it`s gonna be awesome! I have to go now, keep on reading ;)

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10.11.2010 kl.22:58

Ahh, sounds so fun having THAT much to do all the time!

And beeing VIP and stuff sounds great too :D

But it's probably kinda exhausting too i bet? ;P


14.11.2010 kl.18:15

looks like you've really found the place to be :) keepupthe blogging ;) my awsome friends with the coolest attitude :) keep enjoying the high life!!!!!!! kunne du/dere gi meg skype adressen deres s jeg kan adde den*? skiftet youtube konto og forresten for jeg ville kategorisere ting mer leggmeg til som venn husker ikke deres konto navn. min er


14.11.2010 kl.18:34

uuh and btw i understand this might be more of a textblog or you want to keep a little privacy since all photos added to this blog can be redistributed but since i don't have facebook anymore i was hoping maybe you could post more photos or link me to some more photo galleries of you it's so fun to watch. Like a picture diary. I have a feeling you have alotmore cool photos than those you share here.

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