Halloween Costumes

Well it time for my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween! Isn't it way they say `Halloween is the time when you can dress up like a slut and wont be judge`? Must be true because I`m seeing a lot girls out on street with naughty school girl or slutty nurse costumes.

As for us we are going as big celebrities this year. Guess who they are?!

No one other then the incredible miss Gaga! She is so outrages that her clothes becomes a Halloween out-fits. As for Dexter, he will be Marilyn Mason. He is one of our favorite artist and we basically thinks they 2 look good together!


This is how we will be looking 2nite at the Singapore hottest Halloween party from Ed Hardy! Yes we are on the list!

What are going to be this Halloween?

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31.10.2010 kl.11:11

Hvordan gikk det p festen?

Blir det noe studie p dere da? Send gjerne mamma noen ord om hvordan dere har det, det er ikke like lett lese engelsken alltid. Savner dere!



10.11.2010 kl.23:02

Aaamazing costumes~

Dexter looks really creeeepy and psycho , just like Marilyn Manson!

and Mandy's Lady Gaga costume is just awesome^-^

So thoroughly 'n well done :3

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