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I woke up early with an hangover. I swore to my self late night that i wouldn't drink much. Like I decided late time I was out that I would stop getting drunk. Maybe it`s the liquor they serve that gets you easily drunk. Maybe I just cant handle the alcohol.

I used to be good at knowing my limit. I used to party without coming home wasted. What happened? Can alcohol suddenly change you?

In Singapore, things does come free when you are a hot girl with a social skill. Now I`m sounding like an escort. But where ever you are in the world, it`s always about `Who you know and what they got` right?!

I better go and kill my hangover cuz Im going out again tonight. People party here from Tuesday to Saturday. And I better keep up if I wanna be a social butterfly.

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27.10.2010 kl.05:26

I wana be social butterfly too!! :DD

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