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Which of you really believe in astrology? I know that I want to, but I can only get myself to believe in it 50 %. Because when I read about my astological sign, which is Pisces by the way. There is a lot of it that is so much alike me, but there is also some stuff that is not like me at all. And also there is some other Pisces that I know of that is not like me at all.

Daily horoskopes I don`t believe in . Mostly because I think that those who write them just figure these stuff from thin air and probably doesnt have any clue about astrology at all, they are just good writers....(That would have been a cool job by the way, just to write bullshit stuff in the newspaper and get paid for it.) But I also dont believe in it because we make our own destiny, right? I mean, people cant just look at the sun and the moon and the stars one day, and then tell you whats gonna happen to you the next.

I think that some people believe in astrology when it says good things about them, and then they ignore all the bad stuff. But if you are one of them, the you are stupid. If you want the yin, you gotta take the yang. But I guess Im in that stupid category sometimes. Thats the human way, to be stupid and naive. But I think that is a good quality also (the stupidness, not the naivness (if that even is a word)) `Cause if we were too realistic then the world would probably be a more sad place to live in.

Ignorance is a bliss they say. But still we go to psychics and astrologists to try to find out about our future. You can definitely learn a lot about yourself by going to an astrologist though. Just keep your head straight, all of what they tell you doesent have to be true. And also, dont believe in fortune cookies, if cookies could tell your future, we wouldnt eat them :)

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25.10.2010 kl.20:58

"That would have been a cool job by the way, just to write bullshit stuff in the newspaper and get paid for it." That's called journalism. lol.

I dont belive in astrology at all. Try reading someone elses sign and you'll see that half of the stuff fits there too. It's because they'll write in such general terms that everyone will find something they can identify with.


26.10.2010 kl.21:04

hmmm du er fisk, det er mamma ogs enda 1 poeng for at du er min andre versjon av

Mange fr ikke astrlogi til virke som en seris analyse av personlighet fordi de ikke vet nok om det. Sol tegnet som de fleste vestlige astrologer gr uti fra som iditt tilfelle er fisk, representere bare dine ytre holdninger til liv som moral, etikk, og hvordan du forholder deg til den ytre verden +++. Hvis du vil vite mer om ditt indre liv, flelser som ikke kommer av ytre pvirkninger som oppdragelse og mer kjernen av hvem du var da du ble fdt s m du se p hvilket tegn mnen sto i da du ble fdt....kombinerer du forstelsen av begge disse blir analysen mer fullstendig og mindre generell.....det er hele 7 andre planeter som ogs spiller inn men det er mer for de som virkelig er fanatisk og skal ha en grundig forklaring av alle faktorer (energier) som skaper ens personlighet. Mnedlige horoskoperer aldri skaffer dudeg en skalt birthchart er det en vel s god og sterk personlighets analyse som det man finner innenfor psykologien hvis en er pen for det :D big huggggggssssss missses you mucho


27.10.2010 kl.10:19

Hvor mange poeng er jeg oppe i n? he he.

jeg tror faktisk endel av det jeg fr hre nr jeg gr til noen som gir serise analyser.

Savner deg masse

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