It`s morphin time!

Tomorrow (well later today since it`s 5am! Yes I do not sleep at night, I am a vampire :P) Me & Dexter are going to the `Cosplay interview` to join the Cosplay Team Singapore!

I talked to the guy that will be interviewing us on the phone earlier and this is the info I got so far. He owns the costume workshop and arrange Cospaly events here in SG. He also has different sponsors and is in needs of Cosplayers. If we make it to the team then we will be send out to different events, wearing Cosplay from his store.

I checked out his store and I found that they have Power Rangers Costumes! Growing up I was a big fan of Power Rangers. Me and my cousins used to play Power Rangers and fought about who gets to be who. And of course I was always the Pink Ranger! ;)

So wish us luck and we`ll keep you posted!



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24.10.2010 kl.18:58

Woohoo! that sounds awesome! xD

Kind of funny too: Me and some friends are going to make a Power rangers group for some future Desucon, what a coincidence.

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