Party on the 70th floor!

Yesterday we went to a party in a club on the top floor of the highest scyscraper in Singapore, Swissotel. It was kind of cool. Standing there and drinking and look down on all the other buildings that is also very tall. We have never been in a scyscraper so high before and it felt like taking a trip on the ferry. Because you could actually feel the building move a little bit.

The view from the Hotel.

We were invited by a friend of Mandy, and this was some kind of promotion. We dont know all the details, but there were several groups of people that had their own table with free alcohol! The girls over 18 got in for free (like they often do in Singapore ), and boys over 21 had to pay 15 dollars.

How often do you fin fresh towel in the restroom?

All the girls there looks like models with no appetite. They dressed in a way that made them seem so sophisticated, until they started to dance. They were shaking, dropping and grinding on the floor. Suddenly we felt like we were in one of those movies where a whole high school can dance! Yes they could dance, but it was a bit inappropriate, after all we were not in some underground club (we are on 70th floor above!)

We really enjoyed being there, but for me (dex), I think there should have been more free alcohol ( it ran out at about 22:30).

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21.10.2010 kl.00:31

Wow! Det m ha vrt s kult! : ) gy for dere!

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