woosh, what was that?

Its funny how time is moving by sometimes. We have been abroad for six weeks now, and it feels like two. I thought that being without a job to go to every day, could get boring after a while. But it actually feels like we dont have enough time to do all the stuff we want to, even without a job. Going to bed is something we both hate to do, we are like kids in that area, especially when there is no work the day after. So staying up late and getting up late has been a routine for us now.

We have met a lot of people, and there are still a lot of people to meet. There hasent been a boring moment yet, actually there has been a few moments I could have been without, that I wish were boring. But I shouldnt complain, I know a lot of people would like to be in my shoes ( Im a size 42 by the way). With our buzy schedule blogging isnt on top priority. But well try to squeeze in a few words as often as we can.

Love out


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