I got a call on friday night from a Singaporian make-up artis (I have her on my friend list on facebook), she asked me to model for her make-up shoot. I love make-up and pictures so I agreed to the TFP shoot. Usually when I have a photo-shoot, I have at least one week notice to get my self ready. But this time, I have one day to make my self pretty (Fix hair, nails and wax). And my cousin wanted to have drinks&dinner last night and play poker. I wanted to get closer to them so I agreed to that as well.

So there I was with a busy schedule, trying to do both. I think i managed both pretty alright, unless you can see the hair on my legs on the pictures from the shoot (I didnt wax them).I`m suppose to blog pictures but my comp is broken (Dex dropped it on the floor!). So Im on his mac and it`s not easy to use.

Hopefully my cousin can fix my comp this week so I can post some pictures. I got extensions that Im dying to show off!

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10.10.2010 kl.18:06

Haha, seems like you're good at multi-tasking~! ^^


17.10.2010 kl.13:48

Good that you're multitasking - You need to get used to using Mac though! xD <3

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