F...this shit!!!

Its like everything is going wrong right now, Mandy and I put on some extentions yesterday and I was not happy about it, and neither was she. I actually think they hussled us. I dont think they put on as many as I paid for, and their english was so bad that we had problems with the comunikation. And that can make a lot of problems when it comes to hair. I have rarely comming out from an hairdresser satisfied, but this one time was one of the worst. I didnt think it looked natural at all. And I don`t think Mandy got as many as she paid for either.

I was also very rigid in my stomac because of my first day at the gym the other day took it hard out on me. So it was painful everytime I got up from a chair or even when I was walking.

And then I lost Mandys computer on the floor and now its not working properly, and I cant figure out my new stupid cellphone. If something more goes wrong today Im gonna loose my mind!!!


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10.10.2010 kl.18:04

Ugh, I hate those kind of days, where everything seems to go wrong.

and the extention and computer-thingy sounds really suckish..

I hope it's all gonna work out!

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