Sa me la, sa me la

After spending some time with asian people, especially burmese people. I have found out one thing: THEY LOVE TO EAT! They even fight over the food ,The very first sentence I learned in burmese was "sa me la", and it means : shall we eat?

(I know the people on the picture is caucasian, but it was the funniest I could find with my timelimit)

I myself isn`t that found of eating. Of course I enjoy a good meal now and then, but usually only when I`m hungry, and sometimes I have to be really hungry just to get myself to make something to eat. If it weren`t for Mandy I would be underweight, as i was before I met her. But now she have fed me up so much I feel overweight (I must admit that it also must have something to do with "me like a lot of beer"), But everywhere I go there is cheap food, and people seems to get affended if I don`t eat with them. Especially if they are treating.

So if everything goes after plan we are gonna hit the gym tomorrow, and if there is one thing I really hate, its to work out. Ironacally I`m the only one who got the highest grade in gym in junior high, there is only me, til this day noone else has achived the same,`cause its almost impossible to get.

But I love sports though. Everything that has to do with a ball, or other fun activities. But to go to the gym just to work out is like a nightmare to me. And with all the smoking and drinking I have done over the last few years its definitely gonna be hard. But I have a mission, and that is to loose my potbelly.

My next mission is to get Mandy to eat more fruit, there is a lot of it here and even though she hates it she knows her health needs an improvement.

So I hope you all wish us good luck and maybe,,,just maybe I won`t be hearing the words "sa me la" to often from now on....

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Kyrre Havik Eriksen

05.10.2010 kl.23:16

Good luck with your workout. I know how hard and boring it is to work out in a gym.

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