I was born to be a star!

I have been feeling blues lately. Mostly because I look like crap every morning when I wake up! Some might say `you are suppose to look out-of-bed when you make up` but I like to look camera ready. Yes it does take time, money and energy to look good 24/7 but it makes you feel like a STAR!

People keep nagging me about my closet size. I?m on 3 months holiday in Singapore and have a closet full of clothes and table full of make-up. But I don?t like to wear my party clothes twice! Especially when people snapping my pictures and uploading them on facebook and their blogg sites.


(My clothes, shoes, bags, belts & ties)

Yes I do spend more than others on clothes & make-up. And I spend hours making make self look pretty than working. Life may sucks sometime but at least you look fabulous!

(My perfymes, shades and mini-hats)

People keep asking me how I get my hair so big? Well, these are the products I use to keep them big & high. Now it`s time to get my hair & nails done. I have a meeting with a photographer for a shoot!


Got My Cursor @ 123Cursors.com

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