2 min make-up

I know we haven`t blog lately because we have been in Thailand, doing lots & lots of shopping. I will blog about the trip tomorrow (even do a video blogg). Just need to find energy... I wants & need to do a lot of things but I`m no superwomen.

Here is little style 101: 2 min make-up. Sometime you dnot really have time to do the make-up but you wanna look good. Today is one of those days and this is what I do when time like these:

First I applied powder to my skin. I like to use mineral powder because they last longer and gives natural look. I took the dark colour shadow (dark blue or dark purple because they pretty much goes with everything) and applied it from end of the eye to the start. Dont worry about making the smoky effect, it automatically happens. Then i made my browns and applied masscara.

Then I applied rouge. If you are not sure where to apply it, make fishy-lips ;) Put some lip gloss on and you are
done! It took me total 2min of my time. This look suits for school/work and even a night out!

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01.10.2010 kl.17:10

digger håret ditt på siste bilde der

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